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Real Estate's Smart Phone Revolution

December 13, 2010 11:33 am

Real Estate's Smart    Phone Revolution

Calhoun GA Real Estate

Smart phones are getting smarter. They help us find out where we are, and guide us to where we’re going. For so many people, the smart phone serves as a calendar, alarm clock, Internet browser, communications device, radio, jukebox, television, movie theater, map, camera, photo album, office assistant, arcade, lifeline and window to the world.

Mobile technology is empowering real estate professionals to do more while out in the field, and Inman News launched a survey to find out which mobile technologies are making an impact on the industry.

  • Almost one-third of respondents said they are using their smart phones three to four hours per day for work-related purposes, and nearly 17 percent are spending five hours or more on their smart phones each day for work-related purposes.
  • About 42 percent of respondents said they own an iPhone, while 26.1 percent own a BlackBerry and 19.4 percent use smart phones equipped with Google’s Android operating system.
  • Nearly half of respondents (48.6 percent) had between one to five work-related mobile apps installed on their smart phones, while about 10 percent said they had zero work-related apps, 21.5 percent had six to 10 work-related apps installed, and about 19 percent had 11 or more work-related apps installed.

You are probably asking yourself "what does this have to do with me" How can I benifit from this "revolution"

In todays market Tech savvy realtors will prevail.

A real estate agent that utilizes the tools out there can more efficiently take care of their clients utilizing their work time during the day day producing RESULTS.

A fax just came in through the server and where did it go? = to my smart phone

I just recieved a counter offer from the seller via email where did it go? = to my smart phone

Here is an illustration...

I am on my way back from an Atlanta closing sitting in rush hour but have just recieved this PDF contract. I am able to relay the information back immediately as if we as Realtors sit behind a computer 24/7. That is exactly what a good smart phone is, a mini mobile computer.

wouldnt it be nice if I could communicate this information during a decent hour? Would it be better if I wait until 9am the following day to address this information?

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