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At Flipper McDaniel and Associates we want to hear from you. If you have an interest in selling your property at auction, buying a property at auction or have a general question about auctions or what to expect….give us a call.

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About US

The Flipper McDaniel and Associates auction team is complied of the industry’s most dedicated and results-driven professionals with over 79 years of combined auction marketing experience. Our auction method was designed to provide the best return for our clients, while building trust, value and relationships with every buyer and seller.

Flipper McDaniel, licensed auctioneer, real estate broker, and president of Flipper McDaniel and Associates started in the auction business in 1988. Traveling throughout the United States and abroad, Flipper McDaniel, has auctioned millions of dollars in homes, land, commercial and personal property of all types. His passion and commitment for providing the highest value and superior satisfaction for every client is his main focus.

Flipper McDaniel and his team of auction professionals, is the backbone of our successful foundation. Our auction company continues to expand while providing highest level of professionalism and client dedication that continues to fuel our growth in auction marketing.

Our offices located just outside of metro Atlanta specialize in residential real estate, land, farms, and commercial auctions. We have integrated state-of-the art auction software to streamline the process and promote our services to the largest group of buyers whether bidding onsite or online. Our auction method allows the property to be sold at true market value.

GA Flipper Auctions: Flipper MCDaniel And Associates INC.

Upcoming GA Sale

Upcoming Sale

Absolute Auction - 15 Properties, Equipment, Vehicles, and More!

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  • Do you have a foreclosure to perform or a “Real Estate Owned” portfolio?
  • Do you have a deadline to sell your property, but want a competitive sale?
  • Do you have surplus assets you want to sell quickly and competitively?
  • Have you been left an Estate to dissolve?
  • Are you considering a Business Liquidation?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions Selling at Auction is right for you.

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Auction Advantages

The advantage of a real estate auction is a win-win proposition for everyone involved. Property auctions are an effective and simple way of buying and selling real estate. Our process is an exciting, aggressive accelerated marketing method that is results-driven through the public sale of real estate engaging competitive bidding among buyers wanting a property at fair market value. A majority of today’s auctions do not result from distress sales or foreclosures, but they are the result of a seller choosing an affordable, accelerated method of selling real estate at a fair price. Selling at auction allows the seller to eliminate most long-term carrying costs, which passes the savings to the buyer. This ensures the purchase of the property at fair market value.

The auction advantage is clearly a win-win situation…the seller gets a guaranteed cash offer at auction and the buyer knows they were on the same terms as all other buyers and competed fairly to have the opportunity to purchase this property at true market value. The National Auctioneers Association expects residential auctions to balloon to 30 percent of all sales by 2010. One of the fastest growing auction segments since 2003 are real estate-related. Residential real-estate experienced the highest growth since 2003, increasing 46.6%. Gross sales of residential real estate rose from $11.5 billion in 2003 to $16.9 billion in 2007. Real Estate Auction…so what is the advantage?

Provides the opportunity to sell the property quickly Buyers come prepared to buy. Seller picks the date and time they want to sell. Buyer purchases at true market value. Reduces the carrying costs (mortgage payments, taxes, insurance) Provides buyer the opportunity to purchase property on the same terms as other buyers. Purchasing and closing dates are known. Eliminates lengthy negotiation periods between buyers and sellers.

Flipper Auctions Services Offered

Valuation Real Estate and Personal Property Equipment, , Construction Machinery, Inventories Farm Machinery, Process Equipment, Restaurant Equipment, Marine , Antiques,Vehicles, Business Inventories and Household Contents. Real Property Broker Price Opinions & Bulk Portfolio Reviews Flipper Auctions offers Broker Price Opinions, Portfolio Reviews with Forecasting and entire marketing plans for clients. We offer price opinions on a single asset or entire portfolios.Quality Information is the most critical element to accurate decision making. .

Innovative and Strategic Marketing Plans

 A process where we rank assets in order of their known loss, length of time in inventory, and cost of carry/depreciation to form the basis of a solid marketing plan for client banks. Flipper Auctions provides innovated tools and solutions that exceed our clients expectations .

Absolute Auctions

Absolute Auctions are simply explained as an item being sold to the highest bidder regardless of the ending bid price, and there can be no reserve price which must be met or exceeded before the item can be sold. There are opportunities to make amazing investments at an absolute auction. Flipper Auctions conducts a large number of absolute auctions each year. We’ve found that absolute auctions offer great opportunity to both our sellers and our buyers. With the recent increase in auction events nationwide an absolute auction carries with it an assurance that the auction item will be sold that day to the highest bidder,regardless of price. Flipper Absolute auctions can be some of the most exciting auctions to watch and participate in.

GA Bankruptcy, Bank Owned REO Auctions

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